The Scent

Ben (FalseProof)

Hey, what’s up? I’m Ben, and you might know me as FalseProof. I make all sorts of creative stuff, but I can say I’m probably the only one of us that can play the drums.

Making content with my friends has always been something I’ve wanted to do, but there wasn’t a really good opportunity to do so. The Scent provides that to us, and lets us explore what we like making in new and exciting ways.

Hopefully you’ll stick around for this wild ride!


Hey guys, my name is NateB64! I usually introduce myself as the boy man who creates content in video format, but that goes for mostly everyone here lmaoo. I mostly have a passion for editing but I love all sorts of video making! 

Whether it’s cinematography or even scripting, I have fun doing all of it! I usually create video essays on my own channel where I talk about movies and videogames that impact me in vivid detail. Here, you’ll probably find me clowning around with all of my friends! For whatever reason it may be, i hope you find me entertaining!

Our Collaborators

Austin (04deoxys)

Hi, I’m 04deoxys! I’m a content creator and voice actor.

One word that describes me is creativity. I love creating new things and sharing my ideas out to the world. I’m currently developing my own game on the side, and hope to learn how to create music relatively soon.


If you’re interested in checking out my stuff be sure to check out the content tab (: