Bakuman Saikou – Episode 1: Dream and Reality

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Moritaka Mashiro is an average student, and an amazingly talented artist. He longs to be a mangaka, but his uncle died from pursuing the same passion, so Moritaka is pressured into leading a normal life and leaving his ambitions behind. One fateful day at school, Mashiro leaves his drawing notebook in class, where it’s found by his classmate, the intelligent Akito Takagi. Takagi persuades Mashiro into pursuing his dreams, and finally confessing to his long-time crush, Miho Azuki. And so begins Moritaka’s path into the wild world of manga…

Thanks for watching the first episode of Bakuman Saikou! If you could, please fill out this form to give us some feedback on the episode! We’re always looking to improve 🙂

Big thanks to More Amour for “Fall Apart”, the ED for Bakuman Saikou Season 1! The song will be released soon, but you can listen to their first single from the album, Anchored Down.

Moritaka Mashiro@NateB64
Akito Takagi@VoiceOfCross
Miho Azuki@KrysdollyVA
Nobuhiro MashiroOrion Zaxs
Kaya Miyoshi@Drawlexa
Kayoko Mashiro@SalmonAndSoup
Miyuki Azuki@LoveJinkles
ExtrasLiam Triforce, Adriel Varlack

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  1. Avatar
    Khadija Mohamed

    This is amazing!!!

    1. The Scent
      The Scent

      Thanks so much! We’re glad you like it a lot. Make sure to fill out the feedback form so we know what you thought of the episode in more detail 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Scarlet Samurai

    Never watched Bakuman before, so this was quite the surprise to see. Seeing that only 7 official English dub episodes were released gives you all some range to work with while having some creative fun.

    As for the voice work, each actor/actress seems to befitting of their character although I liked the uncle the most. Minor gripe is that the yelling seems intentionally muffled, although I don’t know if your equipment or setup allows for such loud noise. Not sure what to say about the script, since it seems to be fine, but I do hope for more crafty wordplay if possible. The anime references are well played without detracting from the episode, so that’s a bonus. Not sure if you aim to abridge the length of the episodes or simply fan dub, so that would be good to know going onward. Otherwise, this would be fun to see your project keep going and I suppose you have a fan now. I will wait patiently for your next installment of Abridged Bakuman. PS. The ending theme was dope.

    1. The Scent
      The Scent

      Thanks for the kind words and feedback! Glad you really liked the ending theme. We do too!
      Also, to clarify, this isn’t an abridged, but a dub by some passionate fans. We’re trying to re-create the story of the Bakuman anime but in English, and with a few changes.
      Stick around for some of our other stuff like Persona 4 Golden ‘Bridged; you’ll probably like it!

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