The Jet Set Radio Iceberg Explained

I’ve always wanted to talk about Jet Set Radio, so today I’m taking a look at the Jet Set Radio Iceberg made by EBroxas72 with my buddy (and JSR legend) FalseProof!

Thanks to Giovanna for helping us out with finding the info on Poison Jam!


Jet Grind Radio vs Jet Set Radio:
Silvagunner & King For Another Day:
Memories of Tokyo-to:
Different Names For Different Reasons:
Jet Set Radio Guidebook:
Sonic Beat Skin in Project M:
Skwable Hawks:
Gum’s thigh tattoo:
Graffiti is Art Contest:
Garam’s necklace is Sonic’s skull:
Unused Darkman Poster:
DJ K Rap:
Hideki & Nintendo:
Beat has polydactyly:
Ereki Shirt:
Jet Set Radio Evolution:
Concept of Love Has a Black Panther Sample:
Unused Music:
Coin Died:
Noodle from Gorillaz & Gum:
Doomsday Clock:
Wave, Numa, Check:
Pinch, Nattsu, Noise 66, etc.:
Missles in Kibogaoka Hill:
Poison Jam Had Baseball Bats:

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