The (Smile)Bits & Pieces of Jet Set Radio

It’s time to learn more about the story behind the development of Jet Set Radio! Follow along as we examine interviews, documentaries, magazines, beta footage and much more to get the full scope of Smilebit’s adventure.


Books & Magazines:
SEGA Dreamcast Collected Works – lots of previously unknown info in here. I recommend it for any SEGA/Dreamcast fan:

Edge Magazine Interview regarding the SEGA 2000 restructure:
Official Dreamcast Magazine Issue 6: Jet Grind Radio Interview

Dedtoot’s cleanup of the concept art from the documentary:
JSR before and after cel shading:

First Impressions of JSR @ TGS 1999:
TGS: SEGA Shows Jet Set Radio


IGN Interview just after E3 2000:

Behind the Scenes of Jet Set Radio:

SEGA 60th Anniversary Masayoshi Kikuchi Interview:
Polygon Interview with Masayoshi Kikuchi & Ryuta Ueda:
USGamer 20th Anniversary Interview:
Hideki Naganuma Sapporo Jinkutan Interview:

A Dream Cast Documentary:
Jet Set Radio: A Rude Awakening Documentary
Media Graveyard JSR Trailer:

IGN Japanese Trailer:

TubeCowp Trailer:

Tronic Trailer:

Dreamcast Express Trailer:

Miscellaneous Links:

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